243 Rifle


243 Rifle


243 Rifle

Product Description

Rossi Single Shot Rifles combine simplicity, accuracy and practicality in a rifle built for generations of shooting enjoyment. Each of these rifles is equipped with a scope rail and hammer extension that accommodates all popular optics. The heavy barrel models are button rifled for extreme accuracy. Rossi varmint rifles and their standard profile counterparts all feature a black synthetic stock with removable cheek piece and are equipped with Rossi’s soft recoil pad and distinctive white line spacer, button rifled barrels, adjustable fiber optic sights and sling swivels. Center-fire models have an extra wide positive action extractor to ensure easy removal of the spent case when you open the breech, while the rim-fire models carry a powerful ejector that reliably kicks the spent.

These rifles combine four safety systems to make them as safe and enjoyable as possible. The Rossi single shot rifle incorporates a transfer bar mechanism that stops the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the hammer has been cocked and trigger has been pulled completely rearward. This helps prevent accidental firing from drops or impact. All Rossi rifles incorporate our breech lock system, which prevents the action from being opened or closed when the hammer is cocked, along with our manual hammer block safety and Taurus Security System. Over 100 years of firearms design has taught us that safety comes first and foremost. Every Rossi full-size and youth-size rifle is equipped with fully adjustable fiber optic sights and are drilled and tapped to accommodate the Rossi scope mount base. These single shot rifles are perfect for training first-time shooters, fun and affordable target shooting and all types of hunting. Available in chamberlains of .223 Rem .243 Win .308 Win .30-06 .270 Win 7.62×39, 22-250 Rem. and .44 Mag. All youth models come standard with scope mount base and hammer extension. Youth models come standard with removable cheek piece.

Firearm Specifications

  • Model: R243MBS
  • Construction: Steel
  • Caliber: 243 Win
  • Capacity: Single Shot
  • Barrel Length: 23 in.
  • Action: Break Open
  • Finish: Blue
  • Grips Stock: Black Synthetic
  • Style: Full
  • Weight: 6.25 LBS



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